rossella collection

An object to convey the meaning of her beauty. A watch to express her charm. This is the Rossella Collection‘s mission. We are talking about the new Capri Watch’s collection, which our testimonial Veronica Maya elegantly wears. The Hotel de Paris in Montecarlo being the exclusive location Capri Watch has chosen for the new campaign shooting.

Original shapes and lively colours blend into an innovative concept of elegance, which is classy and informal at the same time. This concept of elegance that reflects Capri Watch’s idea of feminine beauty Veronica Maya conveys, along with the art nouveau touches that characterise a hotel which has become a global icon of luxury.

The Rossella Collection constitutes a perfect balance between apparently different stylistic approaches that meld together to create something unique. Unpararelled watches in terms of design originality.

The watch in the picture is the Rossella 5474,which features heart-shaped Swarovski crystals on the dial, whose nuances are reflected by the Swarovski crystals on the bezel, and a stainless steel case whose diameter measures 40mm. The white-coloured leather band gives luminosity to the whose composition, whilst both the Mioyta Citizen movement and the 5 years guarantee certify the watch’s technical reliability.