Capri Watch Fashion: elegant and Joyful

Capri Watch is synonymous with fashion. A brand known for its ability to reinterpret the joyful esprit of the so called Capri way of life in new and original forms – thus conveing an elegant as well as luminous idea of feminine beauty.

An original and innovative design, then, which celebrates such beauty through a modern way of approaching the history, identity and nature of Capri island. This is what happens with the Easy Graffiti Bag (ref. 5414) indeed. Here the graffiti technique is employed to depict Capri island, its glamorous places and fancy vibe.

capri bag

The same is true for the Multijoy Rocks Bimetal Pavè (ref 5310). The dial and bezel are adorned with fine Swarovski crystals, while the case features and elegant white-rose gold chromatic combination.

capri watch

These creations convey a new idea of elegance that reflects the joyful atmosphere and colours of Spring. An idea of elegance which has become Capri Watch‘s distinctive feature.