Chrono Karboncolor Rose Gold: the Elegance of Italian Design

“Less is more”. A famous aphorism that definitely applies to this chronograph. This object’s beauty relies in details. A minimal design characterised by a delicate relationship between light and dark.

Such relationships lends the Chrono Karboncolor Rose Gold (art. 5400) a very distinctive character. Legibility is enhanced by an elegant play of colors and forms. The rose gold-coloured hourmarkers emerge from a black background, as the subdials do, while the numbers marking the quarters slightly recline toward the centre of the dial – which is in turn encased within a 44mm. diameter iron case.

The dial’s chromatic pattern is sort of interrupted by the red seconds hand. In doing so, Capri Watch’s Chrono Karboncolor Rose Gold reinterprets a classic timepiece through a modern aesthetic – the polycarbonate band lending it a casual touch.

This chronograph is available in different chromatic combinations. The Chrono Karboncolor Blue Navy (art. 5397) and the Chrono Karboncolor Grey (art. 5402) – both of them featuring the same minimal elegance that characterises the Chrono Karboncolor Gold Rose.

Chrono Karboncolor

Capri Watch

These objects fully express the charm of Italian design. Visit our website to know more about the whole Karboncolor Collection and all the other Capri Watch’s creations.