Rossella Collection

Delicate nuances fading into one another. Amber turns aquamarine and pink. Red turns fuchsia and then violet, this latter being lightened up by crystal blue glares. A fancy play of colours that the rainbow-like bezel reflects, thus epxressing the joie di vivre and playfulness that has become Capri Watch’s trademark.

As it always happens with every Capri Watch’s collection, these watches’ chromaticism speaks a gentle and harmonious language, which makes them suitable any outfit, be it classic or casual.

By the same token, as we have seen in the previous post about the Rossella Collection’s mother of pearl watches, the objects we are talking about constitute a sort of collection within the collection, anyone of them offering different chromatic combinations.

Capri Watch block model

While the  5479 features deep blue dial and band, the 5478 is a symbol of liveliness. A liveliness whose chromaticism is reinterpreted by Rossella 5477’s silver-coloured case.

Capri Watch

Capri Watch white model

A combination of black and silver turns the Rossella 5480 into a perfect mix of extravagance and elegance.

Capri Watch black model

Being Capri Watch’s latest collection, the Rossella reinterprets the maison’s aesthetics throught a sort of gentle and delicate eccentricity, which has in turn become the symbol of a style that stands out.