Lady Flowers

Flower watermark pattern, Swarovski crystals indicating the numbers and framing the dial. An elegant piece of design. A sort of collection inside the collection: the XX Collection. We are talking about the Lady Flowers watches.

Unique objects available in two versions, night and day, featuring a variety of chromatic combinations that beautifully emphasise each watch’s elements: the dial, the bezel, the band. From a satin black-coloured dial mounted inside a bronze-coloured bezel.

Lady Flowers

To a silver-coloured bezel surrounding a classy pastel black dial.

Lady Flowers

Blue models feature either satin silver-coloured dial and bezel whose luminescence is emphasised by a blue leather band,

capri watch

or a bronze-coloured bezel that stands out against a satin blue dial. capri watch

An elegant play of white and bronze characterises the Lady Flowers day models. Sparkling Swarovski stand out sometimes against a bronze-coloured dial, sometimes against a silver-coloured dial pairing with the white-coloured band.

Capri Watch Lady Flowers

Lady Flowers

The XX Collection celebrates Capri Watch’s 20th birthday. And it does that with models that interpret the idea of elegance in an original and exclusive way. Originality and exclusivity being Capri Watch’s distinctive features.