Capri Watch

Light and colours to create a link with the surrounding world and express its beauty. This is the concept which this watch (art. 5479) is built upon. The world we are talking about being Capri island, its luxuriant nature and magical atmospheres.

Acquamarine fading into emerald green like the nuances of Capri’s crystal clear waters. Amber turning red and purple like the colours of stunning sunsets to look at in awe. The colours of the Swarovski crystals decorating the bezel and the dial – whose blue resembles the island’s sky in Midsummer nights.

Capri Watch

Being part of the new Rossella Collection, this watch is a very unique creation. For it is the outcome of Capri Watch’s very specific way of conceiving Capri and turning it into a piece of design to wear. A watch that is able to tell something meaningful about the island and at the same time to express the unique identity of those women who wear it.

A very distinctive allure characterizes this watch, a perfectly balanced blend between elegance and a more casual style – which makes it suitable for both formal and informal outfits.