Capri Watch

Original design and elegance. Capri Watch’s Retro Collection embodies the magical atmosphere of a place and time when a newly rediscovered joie de vivre became one with Italian creativity.

Think of wonderful Capri island, the 1950s and the 1960s, La Dolce Vita. The Retro Collection expresses the vibe of such extravagant, yet classy world in a new and distinctive design.

Form follows function. The Retro Collection creatively destroys this principle. Design now reinvents function. From a tool for just measuring time, the watch is turned into an object to wear that inspires joy.

Delicate nuances of blue to remind the starry skies dressing Capri’s Summer nights. Subtle shades of beige to evoke the pleasant warmth of Spring afternoons. The liveliness of white coloured dials to recall the carefreeness of youth.

Add to this the joyfulness of Swarovski crystals, which enrich both the dial and the bezel, and the crown at 12, which gives the whole collection a refined and stylish touch.

All these elements beautifully blend in unique and incomparable creations, which have become over the years icons of a way of life: the Capri Watch spirit.

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