Capri Watch

When we first thought about creating a new collection we wanted it to represent a new way of combining a sort of elegant charm with playfulness. Thus we needed to conceive a design to rely on a balanced relationship between colours and forms.

The task was not a simple one, as we needed to come up with something new without neglecting our style. In other words, the design had to be innovative and original, but at the same time recognisable as Capri Watch‘s.

The result is the Rossella 5476, which is capable to reinterpret pop design in such a way as to create something that blends extravagance with elegance. Thus, classy and smart at the same time, the Rossella 5476 suits both a classic and a casual outfit.

Capri Watch

This watch is available in 3 more different chromatic combinations. The Rossella 5474 features a white band and dial, this latter being encircles by a gold-coloured case. The Rossella 5473 turn’s the rose gold’s radiance into the white gold’s luminosity.

Rossella Collection

charmingly playful

Speaking of grace, the Rossella 5475 stands out for an elegant combination of blue and gold, which adds a further classy touch to the whole collection. Take a look at our website to discover more about the many unique models of the newest Rossella Collection.