Capri Watch 2018 campaign: a story to tell

Maya 2018 - capriwatch

Monte Carlo, land of princes. One of the most famous Formula 1 racetracks in the world, luxury skyscrapers., the casino, elegant art nouveau architecture. The Hotel de Paris’ exclusive atmospheres. Veronica Maya, an icon of a unique sort of delicate beauty. Marin Cilic, one of the most prominent tennis players. A symbol of strenght and perserverance.

All these elements together construct Capri Watch 2018 advertising campaign. The aim being to convey those aesthetic values that shape the maison’s design and style, and changed the rules of traditional watchmaking – as much as the way in which we think of and conceive it.

We like to think of our brand new campaign as a story to tell. A world to experience that is not just about jewelry, fashion and watchmaking. For this world is about finding a way of conveying the very meaning of feminine beauty, which every women expresses in her own, unique way.

A world to discover through new and original content, which we will publish on this blog and website. Stay tuned and discover Capri Watch 2018 ad campaign.