Capri Watch

Time, a non-renewable resource. As everyone knows, time does not come back. This is why time is such a precious gift and the moments we spend with someone are so valuable. Thus, the concept that Capri Watch ‘Hearts’ convey is as follows:

Time as a precious gift for someone we care for. Someone who is important to us. Someone we love.

Heart watches are not part of one single collection. They can be found across two different collections whose identity they express in their own distinctive way: the new Rossella Collection and the XX Collection.

A variety of models, each and everyone of them characterised by a very specific design. Heart shaped Swarovski crystals beautifully decorate each model’s dial offering a number of different chromatic combinations and layouts. The same is true for the case, which changes accordingly.

Every Capri Watch’s creation has its unique character. Still, they maintain a common feature: the capacity to amaze and of being incomparable.