Capri Watch

Capri Watch’s creations have always been about celebrating women’s beauty, charm and uniqueness. Such beauty, charm and uniqueness beoing themselves the starting point of the whole Capri Watch’s creative process.

Whether she is a caring mother, or a successful manager, a brave soldier at the front, or loving partner, a heroic doctor or a relentless worker she is always there to give her precious contribution to her family, sollegues, friends and society at large. She never gives up. Never throws in the towel. She is a reliable problem solver.

She is able to express her true self through the many responsibilities everyday life forces her to take. Still, there are moments when she can break free from all of this and stay with her deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can be a bunch of seconds or an entire day.

Capri Watch

This is the woman Capri Watch wants to pay tribute to with its creations. Creations whose aim is to express every woman’s unique and non replicable qualities. Every woman’s will to life. A will to living life to her own rhythm and pace. The rhythm of a beautiful universe that enlightens the life of those who are around her.