Asperula Stellina is the place where the story of Capri Watch began. The store was opened by Oreste Staiano, Silvio’s father, in 1964 in Via Camerelle, one of the most elegant streets in the world. It soon became renowned among the most refined international public of the time because of the Tuscan ceramics and Murano glasses that customers could find here.

Oreste started working in 1938, at a very young age. Consolidating a family business founded by Gilda and Antonio at the beginning of the 20th century, Oreste started in 1951 a brand new company with his brothers Tonino, Peppino and Costanzo.

Alba and Silvio took over the family business at the beginning of the 1980s. Silvio conceived Murano glass items that broadened and revolutionised the company’s offer, right before the introduction of the new ‘Capri Watch Collection’.

The creation of the Capri Watch brand and the copyright registration represented a real turning point. A constant and steady growth coupled with increasing enthusiasm and interest for the new models that have been launched since 1995. Capri Watch managed to gain a wide international recognition as an exclusive fashion watch.

In 2002 Silvio launched Capri à Porter, a brand that brought the business onto the luxury accessories market stage. The Capri Jelly Bags almost immediately gained a global success – while the opening of the ‘Ciao Capri’ store displaying Acqua di Capri perfume and bijoux items, marked the beginning of a new journey.

Capri à Porter, the new store opened in 2004, embodies a new store concept, as it only sells Made in Italy products such as leather bags featuring beautiful Capri gouaches. The store is located in Via Le Botteghe, the oldest alley of local commerce. Valeria, Silvio’s wife and fashion marketing expert, is the store manager.

Silvio’s lively creativity relies on the expertise of top-level artisan masters – which is one of the reasons why Capri Watch is able to compete with the most renowned international brands and resist the power of globalisation. A power which is often detrimental to local business and production – which most people love, instead.

As Capri Watch’s identity is based on retail, attention and care to customer feedbacks are paramount. Such identity is at the core of the business transformation into a global brand from the small store of the beginnings.