Capri Watch

Refined mother of pearl inner dial. Swarovski crystals of various dimensions and colours elegantly decorating the outer dial. Iron, leather and silicon bands bringing out the luminosity and stylishness of the case.

Millefiori watches are quite unique objects among all of Capri Watch’s collections. As it always happens with all the brand’s creations, design is key. The collection originates from the successful Multijoy Collection.

Still, while the Multijoy watches aim to celebrate life through a beautiful exlposion of colours, the Millefiori Collection‘s purpose is to blend the Multijoy’s liveliness with clarity and readibility.

Millefiori Collection

Here it lies the innovation represented by the double dial: as said above, an inner mother of pearl dial surrounded by an outer dial made of Swarovski crystals; which turned functionality into design.

Millefiori Collection presents several different models appealing to different tastes. To give an example, the iron band series features 9 models characterised by different colours and even different shades of the same colours, as the 5269 and 5261 show.

The former featuring a rose gold case and band.

Capri Watch

The latter a steel rosè case and band.

Millefiori Collection - capri watch

Subtle differences, one might say. Still, a difference. 5271 features, instead, a cream coloured dial and a bicoloured band, for those who love a touch of a vintage style.

Capri Watch


Leather band models present a variety of chromatic combinations as well. White, purple, blue, just to mention a few ones.

Millefiori Collection

Millefiori Capri Watch

Millefiori Collection


Casual, yet elegant. These are the silicon models, featuring a variety of matte colours and a cream dial. Fashion, stylish objects to collect and wear.