Capri Watch

“Original design and elegance. Capri Watch’s Retro Collection embodies the magical atmosphere of a place and time when a newly rediscovered joie de vivre became one with Italian creativity” we said in this blog (Original Design and Elegance to Wear).

The idea that inspired such a successful collection was to create an object to combine the extravagant, yet elegant vibe of Capri in the 1950s and the 1960s with a contemporary allure. An object to reinterpret vintage style through the lens of modern aesthetics.

Watch Retro Storm

This is how the Retró Collection was conceived. Each model is characterised by some specific characteristics which constitute the collection’s distinctive features. Among these, the crown at 12, which reminds the famous turnip pocket watch.

Still, each model is a quite unique piece in terms of colours, chromatic gradients and dial’s design. The Watch Retró Storm Color stands out. An object that exceeds such canonical distinctions as formal vs. informal, day time vs. nigh time  watch.

Retró Storm Color

Fine Swarovski crystals colour an elegant white dial, thus kind of reminding Capri’s starry nights; and decorate a stylish bezel, which is in turn supported by a gold coloured, bombé case. A white leather band adds a fancy touch to such a piece of design.

The Watch Retrò StormColor breaks the rules of traditional watch making, thus conveing a cheerful sense of freedom and uniqueness.